Alberto Barnet

Alberto Barnet

Welcome to my web site!

A.b, an american singer fron Venezuela


Born in caracas son of inmigrants parents from europe. starts his musicals studies in 1974 at Juan Jose Landaeta school of music, in the specialitie of UPRIGHT Bass of the hand of master OMAR SANSONE .in 1980 gets a scholarshipp from Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho and moves to Florida to study at the university of Miami taking STUDIO MUSIC AND JAZZ under the direction of Don Coffman.

As a musician his most remarkable works were with bands like Tony Bennett Maria Conchita Alonso and many more like Bertin Osborne in Spain and Jose Luis Rodriguez among others who he directed.

He started his career at the Mutini Hotel 1980s where he gets in touch with drumer david murphy who takes her to Laura Taylor who next to Jilly Rizzo right han of Sinatra would take us all over the casinos scene of the era. Trending that Barnet would use in a future when becoming a Singer.

As a producer he started the urban movement with hip hop
And regaeton from puertoo rico
Becoming not only the producer but the manager of the artist giving him more expirience in the field.

Actually he is on his own proyect using the trending he got in vegas and atlantic city and filling theathers all over the world as well as cruise ships like QUEEN MARY 2 and many rooms across the world.

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